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Community Assessment

The first phase of One Shawnee’s work will be crafting and analyzing a community assessment. Before One Shawnee, or anyone else, can begin to do the work of revitalizing a specific geographic area, one must first have a holistic understanding of the region itself. Here is how we plan to do that:


Hearing From You

Right now, One Shawnee is asking that you help us by participating in at least one of several ways. We are conducting a Community Survey (found at to gain a confidential perspective on the attitudes and opinions of the general public. Secondly, we will conduct focus groups throughout the region in every county to allow for in-depth conversations about our challenges and dreams. And third, we plan to also hold public town halls for anyone who would like to learn more about us and ask questions of One Shawnee’s leadership.

Community Scan

Not only do we want to understand the feelings and opinions of the public, we also want to understand and be able to analyze the underlying data behind the poverty we all see around us. Statistics and trend lines are metrics on which we can look back to from time to time to measure our impact.


Community Asset Map

And finally, we need a comprehensive directory of the different institutions - public, private, non-profit, and religious - that provide services and products to the region. Each one is an asset from which to draw upon as we work towards revitalization. Their input, in addition to the collaboration and partnerships formed among them during this process, are invaluable for the community development process.


All of the data and narratives from these three areas - community input, community scan, and community asset map - will come together to form a comprehensive Community Assessment. The assessment will guide us into the next phase and inform our decision making.

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