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Task Forces

The process that brought us to where we are today - forming task forces - was born from One Shawnee’s belief in a bottom-up approach to community and regional development. One Shawnee was formed because we wanted to change the trajectory of our region and to do it in a collaborative way. The organization was not formed because the leaders of One Shawnee thought they already had the answers.

So, the first order of business was listening to the public about their opinions, attitudes and ideas on revitalizing the Shawnee Region. Over the course of a few months in 2020, 700 individuals completed our extensive community survey that was available to the public and we organized and conducted 10 different focus groups - one in each county of the region. We pulled the data from the survey, examined themes and common narratives from the focus groups - and from the public’s input we were able to develop four areas of focus.


Those four areas of focus are the future work One Shawnee will be engaged in as community development organization and are the four task forces that we are forming at this time. We invite you to examine the "charges" of each of these four task forces and to apply to be a member if you would like to get involved and have relevant experience or expertise. Click on their names in order to learn more about their purpose and objectives.


Areas of Focus / Task Forces: 

Deadline to apply is APRIL 5TH.



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