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County Forums

The One Shawnee County Forums (Facebook Group Pages) will serve as a virtual town square and up to date community bulletin board for nine individual counties in the Shawnee Region. It’s a group for general discussion about the happenings within our county and to learn more about all the events and activities taking place in our hometowns. Feel free to post about community events, a great experience you had at a local business, honor a fellow community member, post a picture of a local landmark, ask a question, or state your opinion. The culture of this forum and resulting discussions are up to you!



It’s our hope that the Forum can function as a positive place where neighbors can discuss local concerns and learn more about the wonderful things taking place within our communities. It may serve as a place to kickstart collaboration on solving issues and discussing our future as a county and region. 



The Forum is not a place to bash other people, pick fights, debate politics or generally be a negative and disruptive person.

Find your county and join a forum today:

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